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William ‘Buddy’ Blake
I’d be woefully remiss if I didn’t include myself as one of my oldest, and most loyal, friends. I have known myself for as long as I can remember, and can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m following myself all over this world. That is to say that I can’t ever seem to get away from myself, no matter how far I travel.

As of the writing of this, I am sixty-one years old. I don’t get into the field as much anymore as I used to, and I leave the real sleuth work to the kids any more.

I’m a mechanic by trade, and love, and use that work to fund my gallivanting from place to place. I have a passion for research, however, and use this to assist where I can.

While I have not yet appeared in any of the Chronicles, I am the narrator, the one who brings to light the exploits of heroes from the past.

Chicago, 1926

Benny is still a mystery to most. He has shared with a few about his fall. Krys saw him the day he fell. It was a humbling experience. However, with Krys’ help Benny was able to meet and save a local pastor. With his help Benny joined up with Henry and Krys to form a team that bumps back in the night.

Tony curranHaving received a hope chest as an inheritance from his great uncle back in Scotland, Henry Sutter found in the bottom a mysterious cloak. Curious of why his great uncle felt that this was important to leave to his great nephew, Henry donned the cloak. In donning the cloak, Henry heard an etheric lady’s voice, calling to him. “Son of man, you are now of the Court of Scathach, Lady of the Darkness. I gift thee with this cloak, the Shroud of Emrys, the Immortal.” Immediately, Henry could feel the powers flow through his body. After casting off the half-blood of the fetch, Henry was itching for power…in fact he was dying for it. Now he could resume his mission to vanquish the vampires that took his family away.

There is never a story too big or too small that I don’t get fully involved with. Puzzles and mysteries enthrall me, more than eating or drinking at times. So when I saw that small flickering light on the night of my college graduation, I had to find out what it was all about.
A small fading faerie was not what I was expecting. She was so small in my hands. So intriguing. So incredible. I was clearly raised to believe faeries were not real. My father and mother were realists. My father a self-made man, educated at Cambridge, top of his class in the Harvard Business School. My mother was not raised in wealth and education, but her home was humble and well grounded. Her father had fought in the Great War. I could not see Grandfather teaching my mother about faeries. Stories of faeries would seem like lies to him. I remember his last words he said to me as he handed me his military issue pocket knife just before he died, “Knighten, by boy. Always be true. And this knife will always help you.” I am not really sure what he meant, but I am certain faeries was not one of the truths he believed in.
It seems as though CG (that’s what I call her, she told me her real name is Celena Glistine Mahagan…well she kind of wrote it since she really doesn’t say much…that’s another one of her many mysteries) has lost something or hiding for someone. CG showed me more of the mysteries of the world. I could not believe I was so blind to it all before. The biggest surprise has been my innate ability to wield magic. It is amazing. I hope to repay her for what she’s helped me discover, by uncovering what malevolent act left her beaten and nearly dead the day I found her, and help her get back whatever she has lost.
I am a reported for a local newspaper here in Chicago, The Ripley Register. My father says that Mr. Ripley, the owner, is a loon. But, I believe he sees the world as it really is. Give me a story that seems unbelievable, and I will help the rest of Chicago “Believe it, or not!”

My father was an honest cop, in West Town, in Pulaski Park, Chicago, in our neighborhood. I will always remember him telling me, “Krzysztof, without integrity you are nothing. No matter what you do, who you are with, where you work, without integrity and honesty you are the poorest man alive.” He was gunned down when I was 15, and I am now following in his footsteps, trying to clean up this cesspool of a town. We had a brick thrown through our window during his wake- it had only the words “Should have taken the money.” My family is Polish, hard-working, and above all, honest. I still love my ma above all other people- her name is Ludmita. I graduated high school, and went straight to the police academy. So, after 6 years on the force, and some crazy happenings that I only believe because I was there, Elliot Ness himself taps me to be one of his “Untouchables.”

Kyle grew up in Sichuan province, China. He grew up in a family of Kitsunes, though he remembers very little of his childhood. The few memories he does have include plenty of hijinx played on the locals. For example, he once raided a farmer’s chicken coop, and instead of eating them, he turned them pink. He has a very clear recolection of his family being hunted down for what they are, Kitsune, and fleeing into the depths of the NeverNever. He assumes his family was wiped out, so when the Summer Court ‘rescued’ him, he adopted the fun-loving lot. In the years since, he has taken up residence in Chicago, where he ran into Warden Blake. Like so many foreigners he loves American lore, especially the Wild West, and he donned a pseudonym from some story he heard of a cowboy.

Kalt Cavanaugh
Kalt is a mysterious immigrant from Germany that ‘shows up’ in Chicago in the 1920s. He had a manor commissioned in the Winnetka suburbs north of Chicago, into which he and his wife moved. Not much is known about this man and his wife, except he has a love of art, fine music, and all other parts of high society. His manor is decorated with high quality antiques from a wide variety of Eras and Cultures. His parties are often spoken of for weeks before and afterward, and everyone that’s anyone has been to at least one. He throws one on the night that the group fights ‘The Kid’ for the first time. It was promising to be one for the social history books… Until disaster struck.

Silas was removed from the timeline during a raid on a Ghoul Lair with Blake’s five.


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