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As this is likely the first time that you will have read anything about me, since I have done my best not to come to the attention of your media, you can call me Buddy. My name is actually William Blake, named after my adoptive father, William Blake, who was named after his father, and so on.

He found me in the system at four days old. He’d made a pact with a…being…to be lead to his proper heir. As my biological father had just died in Korea, and my biological mother never wanted me in the first place, dad was able to arrange for an adoption.

He and my mother raised me as their own, as dad never was able to have children of his own, hoping that someday I would show evidence of the traits that would make me an heir to him in his magic.

You see, my father was a wizard. So was mother, to tell the truth, but me, not so much. Actually, I’m a mechanic, which is what my father was before his own talent made that impossible.

When dad passed, that left me with buildings spread over most of the world that look exactly the same, and are only good for fixing cars.

Everything my father was, except for his magic, I am. I’ve read the Chronicles left behind by many other Blakes before me, and I have to say I’m impressed. So many places where the mundane reporters get everything so wrong. I’m seeking keys to why the…being…told my father I was his true Heir, both in the Chronicles of the past, as well as the ones I am writing now.

Time will tell if I really am my father’s son, or just another person in too deep against the supernatural.

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The Blake Chronicles

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