Character Progress

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The Nutshell

  • A compel of an Aspect is worth 1 Fate Point (FP).
  • A self-compel of an Aspect is worth 1 FP.
  • An invocation of an Aspect costs 1 FP
  • Declarations cost 1 FP.
  • Tags of Aspects cost nothing.

Out of game collection:

  • 2 FP per log
  • 1 FP bonus for long/detailed logs
  • 1 FP per chapter of Character Backstory (Up to 2 chapters per session maximum, at least 500 words per chapter)
  • 1 FP per PC other than yourself included in your backstory chapter. Subject to player approval. First Stories are considered implicit approval. No more than 2 other PCs allowed per chapter.
  • 1 FP per player per “What we did” story.

Anyone, at any time, can opt out of a scene for a number of reasons. Now, most of the time it is because you are doing something else in a different scene. Sometimes, however, you will just be doing nothing. A “What we did” story is a way for you to describe what you were doing when everyone else was haing fun. Also, any time there is room between two scenes, you can write another story about what you were, well, doing during that time. It is created as an additional log, or simply added as part of your current log. Make sure that you either mention that it is there in your normal log, or make a second log specifying this.

Be creative, have fun. These are side stories, and as long as they don’t take up more time than you had to work with, the sky’s the limit.

The Abstract

The core system is sort of a communist everyone moves forward at the same speed sort of thing. In conversing with Victor about it and thinking a lot about it I realized some things:

  1. People have changes of outlook at different rates of speed. What may take one person a couple of moments to incorporate into themselves might take another an entire lifetime.
  2. Having it entirely story driven does not reward people for contributing to the story, or the rate at which they contribute. This is counter-intuitive in a system designed to force people to partake in the system.
  3. I just plain don’t like the idea of “you complete x sessions and you get a milestone.”

I understand the reasoning, and the greatest reason why they went with the current progression system is that people won’t be “getting ahead” of other people. I can appreciate that.

Which is why I think we will be going with a hybrid system. But first, the math.

The Math.

For every session that you are playing, and participating, and in character, you get a minor milestone. For every three minor milestones you will be getting a significant milestone.

Once every 9 sessions, provided we have completed at least two scenarios, you get a major milestone. If we are not in the second scenario following the last major milestone, then the next major milestone will occur between scenarios.

In other words:
3 mi = 1 s
3 s = 1 ma

Or 9 mi = 3 s = 1 ma

Character Progress

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