Henry 'Darkness' Sutter

A mortal with powers with the shadows

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Tony curran Name: Henry ‘Darkness’ Sutter
Power Level: Chest Deep
Campaign: The Blake Chronicles
Player: HenryBingham
Current FP Refresh
3 1
High Concept: Trouble:
Jazz player, Vampire hunter “I cant excape the supernatural” – The more running I do to escape the more they come for me.
     Other Aspects:
All For One and One for the All – Positive: team player and works like family. Negative: Will be pulled away from obligations kicking and screaming “This’ll Hurt Me more than it Hurts You” – Positive – Can separate himself from people he kills. Negative – The aftermath of the kill is hard with him because he feels that there is a sense of humanity lost each time. Scotsman – Positive: Loves the outdoors, laughing, music and drinking Negative: Heavy drinker at times and crass with a kilt (wears no undies).
My family is dead to me – Positive: Vampires are view as murderers Negative: Vampires are viewed as extended undead family and he is throughly disgusted by it. Red Headed Hot Shot – Positive: Jubilant show off. Negative: Impulsive and Abrasive in nature
               Stunts & Powers
Cost Ability
-1 Pointed Performance – Can add aspects to a single person in addition to the scene Aspects that could be done.
+3 Cloak of Merlyn
-4 Supernatural Strength
-4 Supernatural Recovery
-2 Inhuman Toughness
+4 Catche: Fire
-2 Resistant to Red Court Vampires
-1 Cloak of Shadows (Nightvision and Shadow Meld in medium to large shadows
Superb +5 Weapons
Great +4 Might
Good +3 Fists, Performance, Intimidation
Fair +2 Stealth, Guns, Alertness
Average +1 Conviction, Discipline, Investigation, Resources, Lore
Skill: Adjective Rank Skill: Adjective Rank
Alertness: Fair 2 Intimidation: Good 3
Athletics: Mediocre 0 Investigation: Average 1
Burglary: Mediocre 0 Lore: Average 1
Contacts: Mediocre 0 Might: Great 4
Conviction: Average 1 Performance: Good 3
Craftsmanship: Mediocre 0 Presence: Mediocre 0
Deceit: Fair 2 Rapport: Mediocre 0
Discipline: Average 1 Resources: Average 1
Driving: Mediocre 0 Scholarship: Mediocre 0
Empathy: Mediocre 0 Stealth: Fair 2
Endurance: Mediocre 0 Survival: Mediocre 0
Fists: Good 3 Weapons: Superb 5
Guns: Fair 2
1 2 3
5 6
Physical 0 0 (0 0)
Mental O O O
Social O O
Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Any -2 No
Moderate Any -4 No
Severe Any -6 No
Extreme Any -8 No Replace a Permanent
Cloak of Merlyn Armor:1
Fist of Fury Weapon:4
.38 revolver Gun:2
Item Work Gloves
Item Clarinet
Item Bag Pipes
Item Sledge Hammer: Weapon 3
Item Hand Cannon: Weapon 4
Hand Cannon must beat a Might roll of 7 everytime it is fired or Henry looses control of the gun

With a checkered past of running from the law (and getting caught) this troubled soul started as a simple immigrant with a dream of being a musician. Funny how things were shattered the moment that the young family arrived in New York and migrated to young Illinois to start their lives in the ‘west’ only to have it shattered by a mass killing after a day at the carnival. The family (Henry, his parents Robert and Martha, his three brothers and three sisters (Robert Jr., Thomas Leighton (TL for short), Fredrick, Eliza, Rachael and Emma) when leaving for the long walk home (they had not acquired a car as of yet) were chased down and murdered by wild vampires. Henry was the lone survivor and was sent to a orphanage at the young age of 10. When the city buried the family in unmarked graves the lad weeped. He was not allowed to give them a service.

For this guy it would of been the end of his tale if it were not for his unbreakable spirit of wanting to find the wild eyed killers. He became known to break out of the orphanage at night looking for the ‘killers’ unaware what he was looking for. When he was not getting caught sneaking out he was observed by the Sister Mary Katherine playing music alone on a recorder. It would make him cry because the only tunes he knew his dad and mom would sing. The young nun wanted to help him and got him a clarinet for his 15th birthday and told him to play something happy. She spent the next three years teaching him how to play the most beautiful music and she dream of him going on to perform in concerts.

After looking for almost a decade for an invisible killer the talented musician was more then old enough to leave the orphanage and set out on his own. The sweet sister told him to take the instrument and play to make others happy and play he did. Over time he began to train his body to find that killer hoping that he could avenge his family while playing and keeping a happy face.

Then one night a siloette came to one of his concerts. It was that of his sweet sister Emma. After the concert she congratulated him on his work and offered him immortality with a smile. Horrified and shocked by the now undead sisters offer he threw her out with an unforeseen strength and told her to leave. She just laughed and told him that every thing beautiful that he touched would be touched by her because he turned her down. Henry took that to mean a mark of death was now upon him and every girl that he would ever love. He spent the next few days drinking when he was approached by another vampire, his brother Robert Jr. (RJ for short). Henry’s immediate reaction was to strike at him too but the booze in his blood prevented him from showing any real strength and RJ blocked his blows like they were paper. Then after Henry’s strength was gone he told the young man that he could do nothing and that he would always have him to protect him. Since then Henry has stuck to one night stands because of his sister and always moving to minimize attachments and to hunt.

It wasn’t until recently he discovered his now new friends and he is always watching his back for Emma and Thomas. He is certain that theres the others too but as of yet he has not seen them. Being a Jazz player and supernatural hunter is all that this man knows now. His life is odd with an angel as a best friend, cop and reporter as his ally, and a fox as his ‘pet’. His friend Benny has got him to slow down and take care of the home he now lives in.

Henry 'Darkness' Sutter

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