Edgar Yurga

Privateer Boogeyman in an Edgar Suit

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Name: Edgar Yurga
Power Level: Feet in the Water
Campaign: The Blake Chronicles
Player: Gaitkeeper
Current FP Refresh
7 1
High Concept: Trouble:
Privateer Boogeyman in an Edgar Suit Landbound Boogeyman with a Conscience
     Other Aspects:
Working Class Man: My body suit was a gruff person with no childhood, but looks out for those in lower classes. Click Thunk, Click Thunk… Pegleg pirate. Pirate Booty Call: The sea lures me to life on the high seas.
Under the Bed: I AM the Demon Inside. Bottomless Pits: Never-ending pits of voraciousness.
               Stunts & Powers
Cost Ability
-1 EMOTIONAL VAMPIRE: attack with Intimidation, may incite and feed in one action, one roll, feeding gains +1 on subsequent rolls; If a victim is killed this way, take an immediate “free” recovery = to a scene, clearing stress and mild, and larger if partnered with healing; May need to save or be compelled when in presence of heightened emotion.
+1 FEEDING DEPENDENCY: Roll against Disc at the end of a scene with the “used” powers as the goal number; At a full stress track, sitting out = 1 stress bubble per scene; Killing with fear restores ANY consequences and stress due to Hunger;
-1 INCITE EMOTION: Fear -Intimidation + 2 for maneuvers involving fear, Defense=Discipline. Can be used as a block as well.
-1 Alteration: AT RANGE: Targets up to one zone away, no physical contact.
-1 FLESH MASK: Eggar Suit (deceit); + 2 on social actions that rely on Appearances.
-4 SUPERNATURAL TOUGHNESS: Natural Armor:2 against all physical attacks;
+4 THE CATCH: “Now I lay me down to sleep…”
-2 INHUMAN STRENGTH: + 3 to Might rolls when lifting; + 1 when grappling, landig a 2 stress hit as supplemental; + 1 to any other skill roll if might applies; + 2 to damage using physical prowess.
Superb +5 (None)
Great +4 Might, Intimidate
Good +3 Deceit, Athletics
Fair +2 Endurance, Contacts
Average +1 Alertness, Discipline
Skill: Adjective Rank Skill: Adjective Rank
Alertness: Average 1 Intimidation: Great 4
Athletics: Good 3 Investigation: Mediocre 0
Burglary: Mediocre 0 Lore: Mediocre 0
Contacts: Fair 2 Might: Great 4
Conviction: Mediocre 0 Performance: Mediocre 0
Craftsmanship: Mediocre 0 Presence: Mediocre 0
Deceit: Good 3 Rapport: Mediocre 0
Discipline: Discipline 1 Resources: Mediocre 0
Driving: Average 1 Scholarship: Mediocre 0
Empathy: Mediocre 0 Stealth: Mediocre 0
Endurance: Fair 2 Survival: Mediocre 0
Fists: Mediocre 0 Weapons: Mediocre 0
Guns: Mediocre 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Physical O O O O O O O
Mental O O
Social O O
Hunger O X X
Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Social -2 Yes Egg on my Edger face
Moderate Social -4 Yes Short Fuse
Severe Any -6 No
Extreme Any -8 No Replace a Permanent
Leather, weather-rated cape: ARMOR:1
Leather hat with a black feather
Rapier, mainly for show.
Cloth Sailor’s garb.
Leather Privateer boots.
“Esmeralda” Baltimore Clipper, no longer in my custody. Being held by the U.S. Marshal’s Office, along with my cache on Farallon Island.

Edgar Yurga was born in 1819 to a poor thatcher in Copenhagen. As a child, he was always on the docks, watching huge ships come in and set sail, and disappear in the seam of the sea and sky. By ten he had a job on the docks as an apprentice to the Dock Master, as he could add and subtract more than one-digit integers accurately and quickly, and due to his size he was able to lift more than other children his age. With his bright intellect, and a tongue beyond his years, he became fast-friends with several sailors, and a captain; Captain Raymondo of Spain. It was he that hired Edgar as a cabin boy at fourteen, the boy’s first ship duty.

Edgar’s sea years proved fruitful, though he didn’t progress to captain of his first ship till he was eighteen, he had a fleet of merchant vessels by twenty-four. His name was well known among the seafaring people on the Baltic Sea.
{Story Aspect: Working Class Man}

His success drew unwanted attention from ‘The Family’s’ Baltic representatives. They took his father, and while he was trying to rescue the father, they seized all of his holdings. It was the single largest organized crime movement to date in Copenhagen. He was on the streets again, with no money, family or contacts that dared work with him. It was at that point that he contracted with a Warlock. A Warlock who had ulterior motives, go fig.

It was at that point that I was called from the recesses of the Winter Court holdings in the Nevernever. He told me he could give me a foothold in the mortal realm, for a few meaningless murders. None of this did he tell Edgar, so when I was grafted into his skin, his screams of rage rattled my skull. I shut him away in a cage in the back of the consciousness we now share. The familiarity with Copenhagen and sea life proved invaluable as I took out the high-ranking members of the mafia.
{Story Aspect: Broker of Death}

The Officers in Denmark didn’t appreciate the vigilante-style justice that they felt belonged in the Wild West. I was confronted by law officers, and allowed the chance to either spend a life in prison or leave for the Americas. I chose the latter. For the next two years I tried my hand in the Caribbean, but found it over-worked, and over-patrolled by warships.

At that point I set up shop in the small, but growing coastal town of San Francisco. The whole coast was young and nubile, and I was ready to help it mature to a rich crop, ready for harvest. I built a manor on the larger of a group of islands called Farallon.

While working the docks, I heard a commotion, and could taste the fear on the air. A mine had collapsed on a team. Edgar beat against the door, and my hunger pushed me forward. I helped the young Kristal to clear the mine, and remove her father’s body. The fear of the men all around me drove me onward, thirsting for more. I have to admit, that even though I was trying to save the miners, I created a casualty that the stone had saved. The Doctor, Tobius, realized I wasn’t what I appeared to be, and I felt Kristal’s abnormality. We had a long talk, and became tentative allies.
{Story Aspect: Bottomless Pits}

One day, a street urchin named Josh tried his hand at stealing from me on my boat. He was almost down the gangplank with the loot by the time I caught him. When I got him, I brought him down to my hold, to talk to him; someone this ballsy is worth a chat. I tried to feed off his fear, and realized that not only was he completely unafraid, but was not fully human. It left a furry aftertaste. He accepted a place on my ship, and he helped me recruit sailors, inciting Greed in their hearts.
{Story Aspect: Pirate Booty Call}

Some time after joining forces with the strange urchin, I had to save his biscuit. I tracked him to a cave where he was pinned down by officers he had angered. I scared them sweatless, and chased them into the cave. One of them stayed behind, but the rest ran in – right into the face of an earth elemental. Josh and I escaped, a diversion properly engineered, and ran into the officer, Marty.
{Story Aspect: Under the Bed}

ALAS! My ship, ‘Esmeralda,’ was seized by U.S. Marshal Garret Carpenter, as was my cache and manor on Farallon Island. I am landbound, and Edgar screams in fury nightly. I can feel his pain, his memory of being penniless on the streets of Copenhagen for months, the memory of failing to save his father or his fleet – his only true family. I have found companions in the Urchin, the Were-hound Mining company owner, the Specialized Sheriff, the Doctor, and the Innkeeper; Something that I never have or never thought I would do, without the influence of Edgar Yurga. Boogeymen are lonely creatures.

Edgar Yurga

The Blake Chronicles Gaitkeeper

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