Knighten's Gentleman's Cane

Wooden Walking Cane Riddled in Runes


This cane allows Knighten to focus his magic while performing defensive spells (i.e. shields and veils). It provides Knighten two extra shifts in Power. This means that when casting a defensive spell, for only ONE stress point, Knighten can cast a spell that is +2 above his Conviction, rather than costing THREE stress points.

Knighten’s Cane is also attached to his rote spell, Luzem Borrachem. Knighten taps the foot of the cane on the ground. This creates a blinding flash in any one zone (up to one zone away). All those who in this zone are then tagged with the temporary Aspect, “In a Blind Stupor”.


Knighten's Gentleman's Cane

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