Silás Fugenzo 2.0

Experienced Time-lost Spellslinger

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Name: Silás Fugenzo 2.0
Power Level: Power Overwhelming
Campaign: The Blake Chronicles
Player: Gaitkeeper
Current FP Refresh
5 2
High Concept: Trouble:
Trained Fugitive Batukeiro of the Winter Court HUNTED: Fae lackeys, the Gatekeeper, and over-zealous Wardens.
     Other Aspects:
MERCURIAL: Playful, Quick-witted, Fickle, Volatile PARANOID: "Is it just me, or are we being watched? OUT OF PLACE: " Some people call me the space cowboy. Some people call me the gangster of … Time?
CASSANDRA’S TEARS: “I see dead people… And you’re one of them.” EPIC UNLUCKINESS: “Why is it ALWAYS me?”
               Stunts & Powers
Cost Ability
-1 Capoeira: Martial art, able to cast while fighting, with a -1 control shift. Counts as a Weap:1 (Use Convict as attack; Disc as def)
-3 Thaumagurgy; Necromancy
-3 Evocation; Spirit
-1 Refinement Thaumaturgy; Entropomancy
-1 Refinement: Craftsmanship
-1 Lawbreaker; Law 6, Don’t mess with the flow of time.
0 Cassandra’s Tears; -2 to belief roll/social conflict roll. Foretell event.
0 Wizard’s Constitution
-1 Swift Transition; Able to go back and forth bewteen the Nevernever and Mortal realms without casting a spell.
+1 No Mortal Home; whenever knocked unconscious or lose concentration you return to the Nevernever.
Superb +5 Lore, Discipline
Great +4 Alertness, Coviction, Presence
Good +3 Stealth Scholarship, Deciet
Fair +2 Resources, Investigation, Contacts
Average +1 Athletics, (three remaining)
Skill: Adjective Rank Skill: Adjective Rank
Alertness: Great 4 Intimidation: Mediocre 0
Athletics: Average 1 Investigation: Fair 2
Burglary: Mediocre 0 Lore: Superb 5
Contacts: Fair 2 Might: Mediocre 0
Conviction: Conviction 4 Performance: Mediocre 0
Craftsmanship: Mediocre 0 Presence: Great 4
Deceit: Good 3 Rapport: Mediocre 0
Discipline: Superb 5 Resources: Fair 2
Driving: Mediocre 0 Scholarship: Good 3
Empathy: Mediocre 0 Stealth: Good 3
Endurance: Mediocre 0 Survival: Mediocre 0
Fists: Medicre 0 Weapons: Mediocre 0
Guns: Mediocre 0
1 2 3 4 5 6
Physical O O
Mental O O O O
Social O O O O
Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Social -2 No
Moderate Any -4 No
Severe Any -6 No
Extreme Any -8 No Replace a Permanent
Drum of the Spirit Circle; +4 Con Shift 5 Uses
Lucky Rabbit’s Foot; Re-roll Fudge Dice 3 Uses
Cape of Iansa; -4 Backlash 1 Use
“Bottomless” Reagent Sack
Potion Belt 2 Slots
Mother’s Charm Bracelet
Other Spellcasting Notes
Time Spirit Familiar “Tarot,” keeps a Metronome for my Zombies, so that I am not distracted while casting
Enchanted Bracelet keeps an eerie beat, metronome when I am fighting with Capoeira

Silas Fugenzo was raised by a Fae of the Winter Court. He was asked to become the Winter Knight, used as a pawn for his life, and he refused. He hates to be used, and hates disingenuous people. He disagrees wholeheartedly with both courts of the Fae, believing in balance of all, but he prefers the Seelie version of blindness. Hunted by the Fae of his time, he’s on the run. With help from a smart-ass-music-snob time-spirit, he’s traveled through time to get away from them. He specializes in Necromancy and Entropomancy, though now that he’s finally able to dabble in whatever he fancies, he’s found an afinity for the subtle grace of potion making.

During his absence from the space/time continuum, Silas witnessed something so harrowing as to change the way he does everything. When he runs into Logan Scott, Kasandra Rose, and Kyle (for the second time) he is a 42 year-old, battle-hardened necromancer. The white flecks in his beard and hair have evolved to full-fledged streaks. His beard is white from the middle of his mouth down to a point on his chin, and two white streaks eminating from his temples. Black hair still as vital as ever over the rest of his body. His presence exudes control, power, and experience.

He met a wonderful young woman along the way. She was 6 years his elder when they met. Sister Sherry and he shared a romance to grace love stories from now till the end of time, and what is a romance without a tragic ending? Sister Sherry did not give up her promises to her Lord, and Silas was summoned off to some corner of the world to dredge through the pestilence and muck he normally does.

Through his study and travels, he has discovered his birthyear. He was born in the year 1962. When he was living in 1926, it didn’t cause a single problem. Now that he is living in 2005, there is practically nothing that he can use without hexing it.

His life-long struggle against his Fae, “Mira,” has generated plenty of friends and enemies. A dragon dedicated to Mira’s destruction was killed in the war, but didn’t die before pledging himself to Silas’ fight. He bound his will to an amulet, which allows Silas to raise him from the beyond to fight.

Silás Fugenzo 2.0

The Blake Chronicles Gaitkeeper

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