Rosa Alfieri

Mysterious European Immigrant's Wife

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Rose Alfieri Name: Rosa Alfieri
Power Level: Up to Your Waist
Campaign: The Blake Chronicles
Player: GM
Current FP Refresh
0 1
High Concept: Trouble:
Long Live the Queen My man
     Other Aspects:
               Stunts & Powers
Cost Ability
-3 METHUSELAH: Allows you one skill at a level up to 7 outside the skill pyramid, must count its points; Must take a recovery of at least (-6) with the ‘Methuselah catch’ (4), and a Strength of (-2) and/or Speed of (-2)
-6 Mythic Recovery: Human Ash (+4)
-2 Inhuman Speed
+1 Feeding Dependency
Legendary +7 Crafting
Epic +6 (None)
Superb +5 (None)
Great +4 Performance
Good +3 Contacts, Presence
Fair +2 Resources, Weapons, Athletics
Average +1 Scholarship, Discipline, Intimidation
Skill: Adjective Rank Skill: Adjective Rank
Alertness: Mediocre 0 Intimidation: Average 1
Athletics: Fair 2 Investigation: Mediocre 0
Burglary: Mediocre 0 Lore: Mediocre 0
Contacts: Good 3 Might: Mediocre 0
Conviction: Mediocre 0 Performance: Great 4
Craftsmanship: Legendary 7 Presence: Good 3
Deceit: Mediocre 0 Rapport: Mediocre 0
Discipline: Average 1 Resources: Average 1
Driving: Mediocre 0 Scholarship: Fair 2
Empathy: Mediocre 0 Stealth: Mediocre 0
Endurance: Mediocre 0 Survival: Mediocre 0
Fists: Medicre 0 Weapons: Fair 2
Guns: Mediocre 0
1 2 3 4 5 6
Physical O O
Mental O O
Social O O O O
Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Social -2 No
Moderate Any -4 No
Severe Any -6 No
Extreme Any -8 No Replace a Permanent

Rosa is a mysterious immigrant from Germany that ‘shows up’ in Chicago in the 1920s. She has a love of art, fine music, and sculpting. She decorated Kalt’s manor with high quality antiques from a wide variety of Eras and Cultures, obtained who knows how. The parties she hosts are often spoken of for weeks before and afterward, and everyone that’s anyone has been to at least one.

Rosa Alfieri

The Blake Chronicles Gaitkeeper

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