Renato Alfieri

Mysterious European Immigrant

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Renato Alfieri Name: Renato Alfieri
Power Level: Up to Your Waist
Campaign: The Blake Chronicles
Player: Gaitkeeper
Current FP Refresh
13 2
High Concept: Trouble:
Ageless Swordsman King Shaping History Balancing My NEEDS Against the Needs of Those Around Me.
     Other Aspects:
VENDETTA: I have a LONG Memory… I will remember, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, it’s up to you.. INSATIABLE:“Are you gonna finish that?” TACTICIAN:“Never go in against a Sicilian….”
OFF HIS GAME:“… But I’m as good, once, as I ever was” KAMIKAZE:“Rider on the Storm” I am selfless, if a bit jaded.
               Stunts & Powers
Cost Ability
-3 METHUSELAH: Allows you one skill at a level up to 7 outside the skill pyramid, must count its points; Must take a recovery of at least (-6) with the ‘Methuselah catch’ (Human Ash +4), and a Strength of (-2) and/or Speed of (-2)
-6 Mythic Recovery: Human Ash (+4)
-2 Inhuman Speed
+1 Feeding Dependency
Legendary +7 Weapons
Epic +6 (None)
Superb +5 (None)
Great +4 Athletics
Good +3 Resources, Presence
Fair +2 Scholarship, Intimidation, Discipline
Average +1 Performance, Deceit, Driving, Survival, Alertness
Skill: Adjective Rank Skill: Adjective Rank
Alertness: Mediocre 0 Intimidation: Fair 2
Athletics: Great 4 Investigation: Mediocre 0
Burglary: Mediocre 0 Lore: Mediocre 0
Contacts: Mediocre 0 Might: Mediocre 0
Conviction: Mediocre 0 Performance: Average 1
Craftsmanship: Mediocre 0 Presence: Good 3
Deceit: Average 1 Rapport: Mediocre 0
Discipline: Fair 2 Resources: Good 3
Driving: Average 1 Scholarship: Fair 2
Empathy: Mediocre 0 Stealth: Mediocre 0
Endurance: Mediocre 0 Survival: Mediocre 0
Fists: Mediocre 0 Weapons: Legendary 7
Guns: Mediocre 0
1 2 3 4 5 6
Physical O O
Mental O O
Social O O O O
Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Social -2 No
Moderate Any -4 No
Severe Any -6 No
Extreme Any -8 No Replace a Permanent
Ironwood Training Sword Weap:1
Benz 400
Chain Weap:1
Whip Weap:1
British SBR (Gas Mask)

Renato is a mysterious immigrant from Germany that shows up in Chicago in the 1920s. He had a manor commissioned in the Winnetka suburbs north of Chicago, into which he and his wife moved. Not much is known about this man and his wife, except he has a love of art, fine music, and all other parts of high society. His manor is decorated with high quality antiques from a wide variety of Eras and Cultures. His parties are often spoken of for weeks before and afterward, and everyone that’s anyone has been to at least one. He throws one on the night that the group fights ‘The Kid’ for the first time. It was promising to be one for the social history books… Until disaster struck.

(Extended BIO)

His name isn’t Renato, but for safety (His and Yours) we’ll call him that. He was born in Sicily, cerca 2500 B.C. If you are reading this it means you don’t have long to live, or he trusts you with more than his life: He trusts you with the well-being of the world.

The island was invaded by Egyptians in their First Dynasty. As a peasant, he was sold into the royal house as a slave at a very young age. His sense of pride and justice drove him to be a member of the guard. He loved his position; not the most prestigious for a citizen, but he was a slave after all. He was a picture of health, which lead to his appointment protecting the Royal Sorcerer, which was working on reproducing a spell of immortality.

Not everyone is able to be given immortality through the process known in the Book of the Dead as ‘Methuselah,’ named after the man. (He included a complete description of the process and how to complete it. It is herein written, but not translated by me.)

The Sorcerer was looking for an eligible candidate for the process, and the ineligible participants inevitably die, there was a steady supply of human ash; the one bane of a ‘Methuselah.’ Renato did not know the long-term plans of the Sorcerer, but he didn’t need to; He knew he was evil.

Renato was eligible but barely survived the process. It involves blood, human ash and molten gold, and he doesn’t like to remember it. He woke up a week later without blemish. His wife had been used by the Sorcerer, but wasn’t eligible. He killed the Sorcerer and burned the Book of the Dead ‘pre-First’ edition. He was chased by the Egyptian guard from the palace to the borders of the Mediterranean Sea, and then returned to his home of Sicily.

From that point on, he chased legends of immortality. Memory of his ‘Creation’ fueled his search, and urged the slaughter of evil at his hands, and the search for a safer method to complete the Methuselah process. He had one problem, he needed to feed on gold; but as he was paid in gold most places it wasn’t too much of an issue.

His first stop was to fight against the ‘Immortals’ with the Roman army. While living in the Roman empire, he helped in the development of heated flooring as he noticed his skin and lungs were irritated by furnace-heating. Before he worked his way into the upper echelons of the army, he fought against the ‘Barbarians’ in Britannia. He eventually became a Centurion, in a doomed Century. He slipped into the shadows when the last of his companions fell, after he realized his enemies weren’t truly Immortal.

From there, he traveled to China searching for the ‘Eight Immortals,’ posing as an Alchemist. He helped with the development of gunpowder and rockets. While there he learned three things. 1: He loved technology, and the pursuit of humanity to better the world. 2: Human Ash was the only thing that could possibly kill him. 3: Women, when scorned, were more furious than the fiercest warriors; especially Emperors’ Wives. This third realization incentivized his exodus onto the Island of Japan, searching out the Kami/Megami.

He found a culture and people he loved. He made a name for himself as a Ronin. He saved the life of a Daimaio. He had only daughters, and when Renato was given his oldest to wife he inherited the First-born’s Birthright. He stayed there for the longest he ever stayed anywhere previously. He fell in true love and for the first time he attempted the ‘Methuselah’ process. It took, but he never forgave himself for her screams.

When England invaded, a millennium later, he fought with the Samurai. His first experience with fighting for country, and not for ‘the cause.’ As a reward for his patriotism, his sweet wife was murdered when his manor was raided and burned to the ground. His life had a new purpose: Revenge against the evil Englishmen. He moved to America to secure a gold mine in the ’49 Rush.

While there lightning struck for the second time, and he fell for a native princess named Rose Prarieflower. She learned his secret before he told her, and she asked to be by his side for eternity. Against all odds, she was eligible.

They moved to Prussia and Germany to fight the English in WWI. After the war, they settled in to society, and he forgot about conflict. Rose found she loved sculpture and art, and learned as much as she could from the Germans about Metalwork.

Having been alive for so long, he started to forget the faces of individuals, and only saw the face of a governmental entity; he grew tired of children squabbling over territory. He has been living for so long, he can see the writing on the wall before the scribe picks up a pen. As such, he and his personally wealthy, ethnic wife moved from pre-Nazi Germany back to the Americas; to Chicago.

He built a permanent residence that could accommodate his belongings and hobbies. It was built in 1920 in Winnetka.

He and Rose wove themselves into the social tapestry that was lovingly called the ‘Roarin’ Twenties.’ Through doing that, he met Dr. John Johnson, and thereby Krzystof, Kyle, Henry, Knighten and Benny.

Renato Alfieri

The Blake Chronicles Gaitkeeper