The Blake Chronicles

The butterfly effect

The Letter from the Nether

Dear Knighten,

I know you will barely remember me, as if from a dream. I felt I needed to apologize for the harm I caused in the future, and you’re one of the only ones that would be able to handle this letter.

The universe teeters on the edge of oblivion. So many things could go wrong at any moment. This story is about one of those moments.

I woke up from a nightmare in the fall of 1926 on the 9 th hole of the PGA tournament.

The dream began at the tournament where I was, but lead me to hundreds of locations all over the world where packs of ghouls were grabbing footholds. I saw hundreds of unexplained murders and dozens of wrongly accused ‘murderers.’ And then it started to get bad. I felt the terror, the despair, the hatred of defeat and destruction slowly eat the human race like fire spreading across a landscape. The ‘top of the food chain’ was quickly reduced to mere cattle for a species too resilient, aggressive and bereft of any trace of humanity for them to defeat.

Time rewound in my dream and my mind’s lens focused in on a single group of rag-tag heroes in Chicago. I watched as they found the clues and followed them right into the center of a foothold. I could see the different outcomes spreading like squid tentacles, writhing and diverging into separate paths of destruction. Then I saw a single outcome that would lead the group to foil the ghouls’ plans. I would have to step on a butterfly this time.

So I made my way to the Church. We beat the demon, and then made our way to the ghoul stronghold. As so many chronomancers do, I fell victim to the God Complex that goes hand-in-hand with time-travel and visions. You think you know how to fix things because you see the outcomes. As we were all about to be destroyed, looking a ghoul army in the face, I made a quick decision: Hope that the things on the other side of the Nevernever in the ghoul stronghold would focus on the ghouls, and allow us to escape. I opened a portal big enough to cover our exit, but unfortunately it was also big enough to let the dragon whelplings out of their hatchery and into the man-eater’s paradise of Chicago.

Luckily, I am not the only one with my finger on the pulse of the universe. The Gatekeeper’s ever watchful eye saw the destruction I had wrought, and even though it wasn’t nearly as bad as the Ghoul’s reign of terror, it was bad enough that I was ‘Erased’ from that timeline. The mechanics of memory are still not fully known by anyone, so I can’t explain how you and the group remember something that was un-happened, but I am glad I remember you all. Tarot might pay you a visit from time to time, but I won’t be able to.

Please apologize to Krzystof for me, and explain as best you can, as I know this will plague him the most.

Please give this magically animated rabbit to Kyle. It is enchanted to never stop running, but never run too far from Myself or the Kitsune.

Tell Benny that diversity isn’t bad, and that the kite flies highest in a strong wind.

Tell Henry that his strength stems from within. He didn’t give anything up when he shed the Fetch inside, he gained himself.

On a side note, which might help shed light on the frailty of the universe; in future literature, there will be a rash of stories about an apocalypse by mindless, frail undead. It’s typical of a people to make fun of something or someone that threatens them or frightens them. These stories are in response the ghoulish future that was barely averted, but still in phantom-memory of the mortals.

Remember the lessons you unlearned, and keep a weather eye on the horizon.

Your friend,

Silás Fugenzo.


I need to do a follow up to this. In my opinion, we need to not get rid of Silas. We need to come up with a way to have him as a reoccurring NPC, one that we never really “meet” again, but certain events we “just know” that Silas has had an effect on. Like we see him in the corner of our eye, when we turn he his not there. Or, he is seen in the background of a photo, etc.

BTW, this log is really touching. Great job!

The butterfly effect

I agree. =D and thanks.

The butterfly effect

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