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Pride, Nasty Pride

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I saw only one name on the list of 100, and it filled me with rage- Moretti. The family responsible for my father’s death.

Perhaps I should recap a bit. We procured a way into the party, or so I thought. Knighten, Henry, Benny, and I had come up with a plan, and Henry had executed it- except for one small issue. We were inside the Alfieri’s home, invited in, as had been the plan, for the “Party of the Century.” One big problem- we were over 5 hours early. Henry! Knighten had bailed, of course, as he had an invitation. So the 3 of us dropped off the casks of “olive oil” off and now had to find a way to stay. Henry, adding insult to injury, tracks mud all over the floors! So, another plan is unraveling, thanks to the Scotsman, but we do get hired on as servers. Servants is more the word, and I could hear the “Master of the House” chuckle at our treatment. This guy Alfieri is done now- he insulted not me, but my two close friends, Benny and Henry. Now I am looking for revenge- and sure enough, it is served during the party.

With a dead body in a room that had previously been locked, it looked like our “host” was a suspect to say the least. I had Benny, Knighten, and Henry with me, and got all the rest out of the room- including Mr. Smug. Dr. Johnson was making no sense when he entered- no surprise, since we were here to make sure that this death did not happen. I took control, and decided to show Mr. Alfieri what embarrassment feels like. I had Henry get the list of guests, and had it copied the second I saw that Moretti name on it. This guy is in league with the mob, and I will make sure I use him to get them!

Kyle found the murderer, and Benny killed him, making it all appear as a murder mystery film. Henry and Benny really hammed it up- unfortunately while doing so, Renato Alfieri took the list back!

Now I am truly upset! He is the one that allowed a Red Court Vampire into his party, aligned with the Moretti family!! It is not like he snuck in- he was an invited guest, on the list!! He would not give the list back, so I took Knighten’s car (with permission- he really is a good guy) and found Mr. Ness.

We will see what Mr. Alfieri says with a warrant in his face. Did Pride get the best of me? Yes. Is there one less vampire? Yes. Do I need to see Alfieri go down, or at least understand where his connection is? Yes. I will even work with him- but I want REVENGE!

Krzysztof Krystkowiak


“That sounds a little dark for you. Eh, go ahead.” —-Syndrome to Mr. Incredible on Incredibles

Great log!

Seein' Red

“It is NOT a TUMA’!!!”

Seein' Red

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