The Blake Chronicles

New York, New York

Fairwell To The Windy City

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How do you say good-bye to the only city you have ever known? How do you say farewell to your life? Departure from a neighborhood that holds all of your memories physically may be possible, but can you move on? Retreat from the sadness, but hold on to the joy? One is part of the other, so the exit is not smooth. I feel that I am abandoning all that I am, not just all that I know. Mama will kill me- maybe that is how my desertion will be prevented.

I was waiting outside the Alfieri manse when the cops arrived. In the meantime I had decided against all that I had set in motion. Renato Alfieri was similar to me on a number of levels- and of all the ones to help me see this it was Kyle that made the most sense. I care not for Renato’s skill with a sword- I cared if he was aligned with the mob. Now that I am convinced he is not, I am more than willing to have him join us- well, join them- maybe I can get one more cup of that coffee before I go….

Turns out, from what Benny told me, that Renato is really good with a sword. He has quite a collection of war memorabilia, but seems to prefer a samurai blade of some antiquity. He put on quite a show slicing a group of apples in half- Benny just shot some holes in a few, and the wall. So, I forgive the guy, with the groups’ help, and go to call off the dogs. Who should show up but two corrupt cops, Lenny & Joey, from the Italian precinct- Yep, bought off, no surprise. Not bought by Moretti, like I figured. Seems that they are bought off by Lorenzo. Joey even tried to shoot me when I tried to stop them from taking Renato! Bad move when in that close- I used my redirected force moves to put him on his behind. Kyle was growling at Joey, in fox mode- I had never seen him so upset. Going to miss that Katsune. Meanwhile, Renato’s wife had made the most intoxicating coffee ever! Knighten, Benny, Henry, and Renato, after some major intimidation (Joey soiled his pants- that is intimidation), convinced the cops to tell us about the mysterious Lorenzo over coffee. That coffee was better than the 40 year old Glenfiddich I had at Knighten’s!! Literally coffee to die for! I say again, Renato is a lucky man to have married that woman!!

So, Lorenzo is a guy that has been throwing legendary parties- they are huge, opulent affairs, but the host is never there. We now know why- he is the leader of the Red Court vampires, and has feedings in his basement while the party noise masks the deaths!!

More on Lorenzo in my notes for the group- I have to get them all to Dr. Johnson, and over to my house in the am to meet Bruce- the only cop I fully trust. Will give us all one last breakfast with Mama Lumita as well- Benny will love that.

Krzysztof Krystkowiak



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