The Blake Chronicles


Notes on Red Court

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Notes for internal group knowledge only- Knighten, this is not to be published!

Lorenzo is the leader of the Red Court Vampires. He showed up with no past, and no history, 9 years ago, and started throwing lavish parties. While these parties are going, Lorenzo is not there! This is because he is supervising conversions of others into Red Court Vampires, and having feedings! This occurs in his basement. He is very powerful- the corrupt cops said that the last failure was literally torn apart by his bare hands.

Humans drink the red court blood to become infected. This causes a thirst for human blood. The thirst becomes stronger when the victim/drinker uses the powers given by the blood- extra strength and recovery. This is true even if the power is used for good! Also, the Red Court Vampire has addictive saliva, which is like a drug. They mix this in liquids, and create addicts that need it again and again. It gives the vampire hypnotic control over the victim. The vampires have claws that can rend a human easily.

Weaknesses- Sunlight, holy items, and they have no armor on their belly.

Good luck guys! I will miss you!
Krzysztof Krystkowiak

Picture from the amazing Genzoman.



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