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Dinner and a Murder

Death by Fang

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It all started when Knighton got an invitation to a party. Apparently his family got invited by higher tier groups to play with the big leagues and Knighton and I were there. I was quiet when it all when down and Knighton even forgot to introduce me until the guests had all but left (This cloak might have something to do with that). Well with Knighton going to a shindig, I thought it was going to be a night off for the supernatural and boy was I wrong.

Someone brought it up with Dr. Johnson and he says that he had a vision of trouble (death) and so now we had to save the day. I am telling you just when you think you’re out, they reel you back in.

Well none of us had invitations and so we had to figure out how we were going to get in. Knighton had one but he got his through his dad so that was a no go. Then Kristoff comes up with a brilliant plan. This thing needs liquor and if we provide it then we could get in. He then pulls some strings and finds out where this luscious drink is going to be procured and with me as the mouth piece we are then set up as delivery men. Fantastic says I.

Well I should have known that it was not going to be that simple as just showing up. This 5 o’clock event needs the drinks earlier; a lot earlier, noon. Yea I said noon. When we came in to deliver the goods (we had to come in the ‘back way’ like its shameful to come in the front). We are met at the kitchen by a guy holding a knife (he was cutting onions). He told us where to put the goods and when we are asked how the bill is paid we say its on the house.

Now we needed to figure out how to stay and get inside for the rest of the day and as luck would have it three butlers failed to show; boom we are in. However for the next four to five hours we (Benny, Kristoff and I) get grilled on etiquette and posture and how to keep my dirty shoes cleaned. I have to say that this guy training us was worse then the sisters as the orphanage; scared me so bad that when we first met I swallowed my gum just so I wasn’t caught with it.

Well the even started off without a hitch and the expected guests arrived (including Knighton and family) and it seemed like nothing was going to happen. Even Kyle seemed to get in without a problem as a boy to stay in the kitchen. The weird thing was that there was to be exactly 100 guests and then the doors were closed on all the others. Judging from the cake in the kitchen, I would say that this was a birthday party. I am certain of it as there was four tiers and a bonfire of candles (I thought it was for a little old man or woman though I never saw one; found out later that it was for an immortal).

Like I said, this was a party until someone showed up dead. Kristoff quickly flashed his badge and someone announced that this was a murder mystery party and that all the guests were to stay in the house. The crowd was delighted and that seamed to avoid the possible panic, though I do not know why we would not admit the truth. The guests were moved to another room so they could question each other and find out ‘who did it’. Meanwhile we started to do some real investigating by searching the body and put the pieces together. This was one of the staff members and the body was hid under a table.

How we found it was through Kyle whose heightened senses picked up blood. Why they let the ‘boy’ out of the kitchen I will never know, I am just glad that they did. We wanted to see who was invited and who compare it to who was there. The lord of the manor was not pleased and almost refused to surrender the list but consented when we told him that it would be in his sight the whole time. How was I supposed to know that we were lying again? That list, once in our hands got scanned and partially copied and then did a disappearing act (back into the lord of the manors hands) all in a matter of minutes. Only one name I recognized and that was a prince of the Red Court; figured that this was our problem and the reason for the doctor’s vision.

It was our angel that confronted him in front of guest and killed him in one fowl swoop and then called it an act. Again these morons clapped and cheered for the display. Of course they didn’t know that their lives were in grave danger or the body we found was really dead. I am not sure that those in high society are inbred with morons or that they enjoy ignorance. Any way we were left wondering who invited this creature to the festivities and with only half a list, we really could not tell and the lord of the manor would not give us the full list as we had broken his trust.

Kristoff leaves the party somewhat deflated (I think) and heads back to the car. Without some real information the mystery of the vampire can not be solved. Kyle asked for some Scotch and head out to the car to make amends but failed when Kristoff found out where it was from. I think that this Ranaldi (I think his name) has really ticked the agent off; his wife is nice though (the birthday girl).

When it all ended the agent took the only ride and most of us had to find a new way home. Thank goodness Knighton had not left yet. I rejected the offer and walked home. I wanted to stew on the events that transpired. There are a lot of unanswered questions.


Hi, Henry, nice to meet you. My name is Krzysztof. Please notice the spelling. It is right next to your log….

Dinner and a Murder

I love this line “I am not sure that those in high society are inbred with morons or that they enjoy ignorance.”

Dinner and a Murder

Krzysztof is spelt Kristoff when using McBlargen. This is a dead language, much like Latin… but more closely related to Porculean Latin. It is assumed that McBlargen derives from its Irish cousin, Blarney with some influence from the Saxons. Notice Knighten is also spelt as Knighton in McBlargen. If Henry ever gets an Extreme Consequence that changes one of his Aspects, we will have to “force” him to change that Aspect to “Fluent in McBlargen” or possibly “McBlargen Scholar”. This way he will be able to communicate the full details of McBlargen to the rest of us.

Dinner and a Murder

I think that Kyle has some McBlargen slips every once in a while, too, when calling Knighten as “McKnighten”…this is from an Eastern Dialect of McBlargen…VERY far Eastern.

Dinner and a Murder

That is one LONG @$$ walk by the way, Henry. Check out the map: Chicago
The Alfieri Estate is even more North than this map in a neighboring precinct called Winnetka, about 16 miles North of Chicago Downtown.

Maybe he hopped on the “El” train.

Dinner and a Murder

I like your log. I am glad the ‘Lord of the Manor’ wasn’t painted as stupid/inbred with morons. ;P

Dinner and a Murder

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