The Blake Chronicles

A stich in time saves five

It is a strange thing to remember what has yet to come..This bunch of people that I have lived with.. One Silas is gone now… Lost..I don’t fully understand.. I remember running in a nightmareish place from gouls and dragons…Now it’s like it never happened and we are doing it all over again…The human part of me is afraid..The Kitsune excited…Then we went away from the dream and hunted a boy with a black heart..If I was pure Kitsune I would have been having fun but my human half wanted to kill this boy to unlesh my rage to make someone feel my pain and fustration…Maybe just as well he got away..I scared myself some…But I still wonder am I the fox or the man…I’ll stay with my friends I hope I find the answer..I hope I don’t die trying to descover who i am…..


I hope you don’t die discovering either.

A stich in time saves five

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